Persian Music

Persian Music


Persian Music

Persian music works according to a unique system. There are two essential terms ,"Dastgâh" and "Radif", which you need to understand Persian music. The Persian music that we are going to talk about can be called Persian art music, Persian classical music, Persian traditional music, Persian authentic music or Persian court music, but I think the most appropriate combination is Persian Dastgah music. Dastgah in Persian means in general "System", but when you are talking about Persian music, Dastgah is a musical system, and a unique one, that exists in Persian music, also in Azerbaijani classical music. You can consider the term Dastgah from two points of view, first a Dastgah as a musical system and second a Dastgah as a set of melodies, which have been ordered according to a special traditional rule. Radif is a collection of one version of any Dastgah or the central repertory of Persian art music.


Persian Music Vocalists


Here I am going to introduce only some Persian music vocal virtuosi. It includes some important lines about their musical life, a picture and an audio sample. I hope that these informations are going to be helpful, for the Persian vocal music lovers, who want to know more about different styles of singing.


Persian Vocal

Reza-Qoli Mirza Zelli

Reza-Qoli Mirza Zelli (circa 1906-1945), the Persian music vocalist (virtuoso), became familiar with Aref Qazvini (Poet and Song composer), so that he had the chance to learn about the Persian Art Music (Radif and Dastgah System) and worked under Eqbal Azar (the Persian Singing Virtuoso) as well. The way that he creates the Tahrir or Chah Chahe (Nightingale way of singing) technique is brilliant and unique. He recorded some great musical pieces mainly with Moshir Homayun Shahrdar (Piano player) and also with some other musicians.

Persian Vocal Music
Dastgah: Torc