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Learning music online is fun!

To learn an instrument does not mean that you learn only some techniques for playing a melody on the instrument. Every instrument belongs to a unique musical culture, because of that we are going to learn the instrument with the relating musical culture. It means that we develop step by step our playing skills while we are learning melodies from Persian art music repertoire.

Persian Music


First you need, to love learning the instrument, to have a proper (fast) internet connection, to have a proper (modern) computer (PC or Laptop) and to have a webcam (preferably an external webcam).


I offer the music lessons in Englsih, German, Persian.


Online Lessons FeedbacK

Rua, NC, U.S.A., Kamanche:

Parham is a great teacher. I've been taking kamanche online lessons from him for about 2 and a half years. He's really helped me learn the nuance and ornaments that are so important in playing Persian music with feeling. That's the kind of thing you can't get from reading notes on sheet music. He also has a friendly and low stress style of teaching online. That makes the lessons fun. This is my first experience taking online lessons and everything has worked out very well.


Leo, Tokyo, Japan, Setar:

Parham is a great player and Setar teacher. Learning Persian music in not easy in my country. I have been hard time with learning Setar before I met him. His skype lessons gives me a lot of knowledge of Persian music and Setar. He is always on time, he prepares music sheet and recording each time. Very kind and polite personality.


Moez, Islamabad, Pakistan, Persian Tar:

"If you have a passion for music, and especially persian classical/traditional music, Master Parham is the greatest choice. He is fun and boils the classes down to what's needed very efficiently and with a lot of energy. I love all the lesson choices too. His classes take place from the convenience of your own home/office or wherever you like, lessons exactly as you need at your own personal level of understanding music and your instrument playing capabilities, and as frequent as you need! Ostad Parham is not just twenty or thirty years of music experience. His understanding of repertoires and techniques bring with them hundreds of years of emotions and thoughts expressed as sounds that perhaps could never be written down. It's a great blessing that now, anyone, anywhere, can learn from such a maestro. A maestro not only in playing but also a maestro in teaching. Playing is one thing, and the ability to determine a unique approach for a certain individual is another. Classes are pretty organized and documented both in written notation format and audio recordings of lessons to be practiced and to refer back to anytime. Even though I have been away from Iran for almost half of my life, I probably would still do online classes with Parham even if I lived where he lives. Saves you so much time and is so reasonable! Such a treasure and pleasure."


Amir, Falun, Sweden, Kamanche & Persian Tar:

"As a total new beginner, I have after 4-5 online lessons with Parham started to really play the kamanche and actually enjoy it. He really wants you to learn, and not only to do his job. For him, it doesn’t matter whether you have a musical background or not, he treat you as a professional musician. He believes in your musical soul and knows that you will play it. As a beginner, you really hesitate but because of Parham, you start getting confidence. He believes in you more than you do, and that is really a teacher!! A positive, patient, humble teacher that will take you to musical heights you didn’t even dare to dream about! I am really grateful for being his pupil."


Nader, PA, U.S.A., Persian Tar:

"Parham is a true master of the tar and of the Persian musical radif. His in depth knowledge of the nuances of the finer points of the radif and his ability to clearly communicate these is refreshing. The lessons are fun and full of detail. Most importantly, he is very patient and methodical in his teaching; can't recommend him strongly enough."


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